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Happy HomeCare Staffing is a provider of  RNs / LPNs / CNAs for Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Home, Hospice and Group Home. If you have a call out or a staff member on vacation, call and arrange a replacement.    
Are you interested in hiring a permanent placement for a facility?
Does your love one need Tender Love & Care in a facility? 
Do you need a Speciality Nurse?
Do you need an Assessment RN?
Do you need a Flu Clinic Nurse?
Happy HomeCare Staffing can assist you with experienced staff.
           "Make Your Choice with Happy HomeCare Staffing"
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Happy Homecare Staffing
  • In-Home Assessment  completed by an RN.
  • 90 Day Supervisory Visits
  • The agency is responsible for Taxes, Worker's Compensation, bonding and Insurance.